It started with small gestures or performances on the birthdays and anniversaries of Enrico’s death.
In the meantime, Karen also occasionally wander around the world busking with Caruso.
A reference to street musicians 100 years ago.

On 27th of December 2023 Karen was busking in Warendorf, Germany.

On 26 November 2023, Alte Oper Frankfurt, Gemrany.
Karen was invited by Michael Vaccharo / Opera Classica Europa to perform Caruso’s voice on the gramophone at an opera gala held in honour of Enrico Caruso.

On February 25, 2023, Karen was invited to the Opera Gala in honor of Enrico Caruso ’s 150th Birthday by Opera Piccola in Bad Schwalbach, Germany.

August 2, 2020, Mini flashmob in front of Staatsoper Berlin where Caruso sang several times

February 25, 2020, Ernst-Reuter-Platz underground station, Berlin
(Photos: Andreas Weinand)

August 2, 2018, Piazza del Plebiscito, Napoli

August 2, 2018 Cimitero Santa Maria del Pianto, at his grave, Napoli

Only the gramophone is part of the performance. The high-tech was
part of a mass that took place in honor of Carusos death anniversary.