This is an ongoing artistic research project by Karen Stuke on Enrico Caruso’s life and the history of his time until contemporary

the festival 2018 ›››

the centenary 2021 ›››

See the Caruso kronenboden collection grow!!
the Caruso kronenboden collection is consisting of following items:

vintage photographs ›››

photographs from various photographers like Aimé Dupon and Herman Mishkin

78rpm records ›››

135 shellac records
from 1902 till 1920

postal stamps ›››

stamps from Italy, Monaco, Niger, Bulgaria, Nicaragua, Germany…
from 1970 till 2018

other collectible items ›››

Now we know how he smelled 😉

adverts ›››

the festival at kronenboden Berlin was named after this advertisement for RCA Victor Bi-Acoustic Tone in 1932

books ›››

in English, Estonian, French, German, Italian, Russian

films ›››

films about Enrico Caruso,
films in which he’s playing a role,
films where he’s mentioned
from 1918 till 2014

the other Carusos ›››

several other singers were and are literally named after Enrico Caruso either to honor him or for their own marketing purposes

quotes and recipes ›››

various recipes named after Enrico Caruso, recipes he might have invented and a recipe why he will come back to Napoli –
in German, English and Italian

Karen Stuke with Federico Caruso and Enrico Caruso Jr.IV
Ristorante Museo Caruso
Sorrento, 2019