contemporary photography

Karen Stuke is following Enrico Caruso with a Camera obscura,
the birthplace, the Villa he owned in Lastra a Signa, theatres and opera houses in Napoli, Palermo, Roma, Berlin, the Gran Hotel Excelsior in Sorrento where he stayed several months, the Hotel Vesuvio where he died and many other places connected to Enrico Caruso.

Via Santi Giovanni e Paolo 7, Enrico Carusos birthplace

Villa Bellosguardo, Carusos House close to Florence, Italy, now the Museo Enrico Caruso

Teatro San Carlo, Napoli, Italy

Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria in Sorrento, Italy
Enrico Caruso stayed here three month in 1921 just before he died in Napoli

The grave of Enrico Caruso at Cimitero Santa Maria del Pianto, Napoli, Italy

His last view – Caruso Suite, Hotel Vesuvio, Napoli

One night at Caruso Suite, Hotel Vesuvio, the room where he died.
The exposure time is as long as the sleep duration as in Karen’s „Sleeping Sister“ series.

more photos will be uploaded soon!